• 100-­year waterproof warranty when paired with a GeoWrap drainage board.

  • 100% asphalt free and safe for the surrounding soil & ground water.

  • Repels moisture, gasses, fungi, bacteria and other harmful chemicals in the soil.

  • Over 1800% elongation lets Rub-R-Wall stretch to 1800% its original size, and easily bridge cracks up to 1.5mm wide.

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Rub­-R-­Wall is the new leader in foundation waterproofing.
Backed by the only 100­-year waterproofing warranty in construction, Rub­-R­-Wall is a truly waterproof solution that can be applied quickly and seamlessly.

Rub­-R-­Wall is sprayed seamlessly onto the foundation. It has excellent adhesion to most vertical surfaces such as concrete block, poured concrete, plywood and insulated concrete forms (ICF).

  • Tar

    • $0.5 ­- $0.75 per sq ft

    • Not waterproof

    • Tar-based product

    • Leaches chemicals into the ground

  • Delta MS

    • $1.75 per sq ft

    • Not truly waterproof

    • Requires tar

    • Loose fitting, rips during backfill

  • Blueskin

    • $2.50 - $3.00 per sq ft

    • Waterproof

    • Tar based

    • Requires primer to apply, longer application times

    • Requires labour to be cut, overlayed, and installed

  • Rub-R-Wall

    • $2.75 - $3.00 per sq ft

    • Completely waterproof

    • Easy, seamless application

    • Does not leach chemicals into soil

    • 100-year warranty